Update on Battleground India on AppStore

The rebranded Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available for pre-registration in our country, but only for Android users. It appeared on Google Play Store on May 18, 2021. 

At present iOS users cannot register for the game. The work on the iOS version is still under process and it will also be released soon on the Apple Store. But first the game will be released on Android operating system only. 

Another report from IGN India, claimed that their sources close to the development team have confirmed the iOS version of the Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, Krafton, who is known to be working on the game, denied sharing any details on the iOS availability yet. The report also stated that Krafton acknowledged that bringing the Battlegrounds Mobile India game launch news for Apple users is necessary. This will keep its fans excited and curious to be informed about the future developments coming in the Indian version. 

He said, “We will keep our fans informed about future developments. We will release new updates on our website and social networks, so please stay tuned for further information.” However, iPhone users have to wait more because there’s not even a speculative date announced for its pre-registration or launch.

Although the game is available for pre-registration on Google Play Store, the developers have not announced its release date yet. Some players expect that the game might get a big launch in June 2021. But it is just a speculation not a confirmation. To grab more users, Krafton has offered rewards for people who pre-registers for the game. The rewards are no other than the items in the game that are usually available as in-app purchases. These gifts add to the thrill and excitement and offer an amazing gaming experience to the players. Currently, these rewards will be available for Indian players only. 

To pre-register for the Battlegrounds Mobile India, interested people can navigate to the Google Play Store and then search for the game. Then, they can click on the “Pre-Register” which is available in green color in the place of download or install button. The players can claim the rewards automatically when the game is launched for all the Android users.

There’s also a worst part amongst all the good news. As soon as the news about the release of the game came up, hackers took hold of this opportunity to dupe the users. As per reports, they are spreading fake Battlegrounds Mobile India App links out there on the Internet to fool people. We request everyone to beware of this and don’t fall in the trap. 

Only download the game from Google Play Store or App Store when its launch is confirmed by authorised channels. Avoid getting duped and wasting your money in these online frauds. 

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