Best Laptop Cooling Pads

Laptop Cooling Pads are more than just accessories to purchase whenever you are willing to spend money on things. These days heat related issues have become a concern which is why the manufacturers are spending more power into making much thinner machines. And this is the only reason that these cooling pads are essential, especially for the gamers or designers who want to improve their work. Whenever you perform such types of computing tasks, these cooling pads will provide immense relief from the heat. Cooling pads are extremely portable and affordable to those who have some built in features. Here, you will find some best laptop cooling pads of 2021.

Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 

It comes with a perfect level of cooling with five fans. You also have the option to switch off some of the fans. And it can also be improved to a particular level of height according to your preference. It can take 12 to 17 inch laptops with stoppers to protect the notebook from sliding off. It also has a USB hub with 2 USB 2.0 ports. It has a level of flexibility in spades and other amazing features within less money. Not available in Indian market. see the alternative below

Cooler Master Notepal XL 

It has a single large 230mm fan with a fan speed controller which populates optimal airflow through your laptop. It also comes with an impressive level of cooling with being rated at 89.8 cubic feet per minute. This also has 3 USB ports around the back. It has the ability to hold up to 17 inches of laptop. It also has a little tilted ergonomic design that aims to give you the best cooling facility.  

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB 

If you are looking for a cooling pad that comes with immense features and affordable pricing, then you can choose this. It has 17 inch portability and is also capable of holding up to 19 inch of gaming laptop. It comes with a 200mm cooling fan and also with 3 unique height settings. The bigger fan gives cooling to large laptops. This also has RGB lighting around pad edges with immense modes. It is made with plastic and good quality which provide the needed support to the laptop. This also has a reasonable price of Rs.13,758. You can buy it without thinking much about the budget issues.    

Enermax TwisterOdio 16 

Whenever you feel like you want to buy something that is a bit different from other pads, then you can go for it. While protecting your laptop from heat, it also has some built in speakers to give you a level of audio quality and volume. It is capable of handling laptops of up to 16 inches. The built-in pair of ‘DreamBass’ 2W speakers are quite decent. This pad is thick and provides cooling and sound quality. This is best for those who have poor laptop speakers.  

Targus Chill Mat 

This is more like a laptop dock crossed with a perfect cooling solution. It has a 4-port USB Hub and provides cooling with two fans. This device is perfectly slim and can be dealt with 4 different height levels. For those people whose laptops have few USB ports, it can be an amazing choice on twin fronts. It has a well built structure and is priced Rs. 5,703.

We can conclude that the above-given options are perfect for you to choose from for your laptops. 

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