Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000

If you are a gaming freak and you want the best gaming monitor under 15000 but you are confused about which one to buy, then we are here to solve your problem. There are a variety of monitors available in the market with fabulous features. It sometimes becomes quite difficult to choose the best one. Before buying any monitor, we should keep all the key features in mind. All important features including Panel Types, Refresh rates, Response Time, and Sync technologies, Screen type and Monitor size. All these features should be there in the monitor to make the best use of your time. Here, we have the best gaming monitors for you within a budget of Rs. 15000. Let us check these monitors.


This comes with a 27 inch big screen. Along with 165Hz powerful refresh rate and a response time of 0.7 ms. It has zero frame design and flicker less technology to protect your eyes. 


This brilliant monitor comes with a 27 inch big screen and has a response rate of 0.7 ms. It also has a flicker-less technology to preserve eyes from harmful digital light. It provides extra depth with 1500R curvature. It can move 35 degrees each side with a height adjustment of 130mm.


This monitor provides edgeless viewing for gaming. This comes with Flicker Free technology and a very tilted feature. It comes in a combination of dark grey and red colour. This Lenovo provides a 1ms response time that gives less ghosting of image and a perfect picture quality. It brings 144Hz higher refresh rates to allow faster exchange of frames. It also provides low response time and little motion blur.


LG Monitor comes with a couple of red shiny and black matt colour and response time of 1ms. It has Radeon Free sync technology and provides huge display inputs. It has a 24 inches full HD screen. It also provides standard TN panel 1,000;1 static contrast ratio and screen of 300 nits brightness.  


This monitor comes with zero frame design and AMD Free sync technology. It also has a flicker free technology and a very low input lag. It brings a high refresh rate of up to 144Hz. This refresh rate helps in increasing the speed of the frame per second. So, it gives an ultra-smooth 2D motion. This monitor provides brilliant features at an affordable price.


This monitor is unique and affordable. It comes with a 24 inches curved full HD gaming monitor. It provides brilliant clear pixel-by-pixel performance and has 1000:1 static contrast ratio and 300 nits brightness. Its blue light filter protects eye strain. Along with a perfect 144Hz refresh rate, it gives clear visual fluidity. With perfect AMD Free sync technology, gaming becomes smooth in all senses.  


Samsung is a good brand to experience your game. This brand provides monitors of immense features. It provides 24 inches flat with a 3-sided bezel-screen monitor. It comes with a dual monitor setup. It also comes with a perfect eye comfort quality to reduce your eye strain and ensure comfort. It also has optimal colour setting and brilliant image contrast to allow you to see scenes more clearly. It comes with a 75Hz refresh rate to let you get a more fluid picture. It has game mode features along with AMD Free sync technology.  

The above given monitors come with lots of features offered at affordable prices. You don’t need to think much before buying any of these as they all are perfect under your budget. 

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