Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 | 2023

Looking for the best gaming keyboard within your budget? If yes, we can help you . Gaming keyboards are essential if you are a hardcore gamer and even when you are a beginner but want to be a pro soon. 

We know how hard it is for you to enjoy your gaming sessions while using a simple keyboard. But worry not. You have a lot of options available in the market to buy the best keyboard that comes with modern features and effects. If you are within a budget of Rs 3000, you are still good to go.

Here we have a list of the top rated and most demanding gaming keyboards that can be an ideal choice for you. Let’s check out to pick yours.

Live Tech Phantom Mechanical Keyboard

The Live Tech Phantom keyboard comes in full-size along with 104 total keys. The keyboard has blue mechanical and RGB backlit keys. It has numerical keys and other extra multimedia keys with a long lifespan of million clicks. It has USB connectivity and you can use it for your power-packed gaming sessions. With a metal board build quality, the keyboard weighs around 1.12 kg. The best part is that the keys are anti-ghosting so you can remove them and clean up by yourself to make them even more shiny. 

Zebronics Max Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Another one in budget is the Zebronic Max Pro which is a full-size keyboard for gamers. It is designed with 104 keys and 12 multimedia keys that can offer you an outstanding experience while gaming. The keyboard has a beautiful design and strong build quality. The RGB backlit works well, and the lighting looks amazing when you play. You can buy it within your budget of Rs 3000 easily. 

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-13 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Cosmic Byte Mechanical keyboard is another top pick in our list. It has a body of aluminium. It has 3 levels of brightness and different colors in the keys. The keyboard is designed for gaming along with multiple LED RGB lights and an outstanding performance. It offers 10 backlit key effects for using at night. With this, you can see every key properly in the night when it’s dark. The keys are anti-ghosting so remove them every time you want to do a proper cleaning. It will make the keys work faster and accurately when you play. 

Redgear MK881 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

When you are looking for a high-performing keyboard within a budget of Rs 3000, the Redgear MK881 mechanical keyboard is what you can’t miss. The keyboard has a solid build quality and finishing. It has RGB lighting effects such as swing, breathing, and more. They look amazing while you keep going with your gaming sessions. The keyboard is durable with keys having a lifespan of millions of clicks. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards you can buy on Amazon. 

HAVIT HV-KB380L LED Backlit Wired Keyboard

The last one in our top 5 list is the Havit HV-KB380L LED keyboard that has a metal base for ensuring stability. It comes with a durable build quality and sleek design. The keyboard has multi-color lights that are adjustable as per the time of the day. If you are playing at night, you can increase the brightness and the LED effects. The keys are anti-ghosting and offer you an incredible experience for your gaming sessions.

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