5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000Rs. For PC Games / Pc Built

You must know involvement or passion for a competitive game demands a lot from you. You must have the best of everything used in gaming. Even a slight mistake can destroy your gaming experience. So, to avoid this and enhance your gaming experience, the first thing that you always need is a gaming mouse. Gaming mouse has special additional buttons in them to enhance your game. Now, if you are a gamer for a long time, then you must be aware about the importance of a gaming mouse. However, if you are a beginner, you must not overlook this. 

In this article, we will discuss the best gaming mouse under 1000.

Redgear X13Pro RGB

The Redgear X13Pro is an amazing mouse under Rs 1000 in India. It comes with a strong Avago 3050 sensor with comfortable design and excessive RGB Customization option. This gaming mouse comes with an amazing finish at the top whereas on the sides you can get rubber structure to get a perfect grip of hand. On the other side, the X13 pro has an Avago 3050 gaming grade sensor which is offering an amazing sensitive feature which is best for CS:GO, PUBG, COD, etc. This also offers a great range of DPI settings from 200 to 40000DPI which can be changed easily.

Lenovo Ideapad M100

Now, this can be on your favourite list within a budget of 1000. The classy design and solid structure of this Lenovo Ideapad Gaming Mouse are some of its precious features. The palm support lightweight design gives you enormous comfort while playing your choice of game. It has a DPI of up to 3200 along with a polling rate of 1000Hz. It also comes with a laser sensor and this is a better sensor than the optical sometimes. For a within budget mouse, you can opt for this as it is sold at a price of Rs 749 on Amazon and Rs 929 on Flipkart. 

ANT Esports GM320

You can go for this mouse if you are a fan of sniper fight games. It comes with DPI customization which prepares you for sniper fights. It also comes with sleek designs that give perfect hand grip. And this grip allows you to play for a longer time even without getting tired. It has 8 programmable buttons and a fire button. These buttons support macro editing and can be dealt with by Ant Esports easy to program the software. Also, the rapid fire button on the Ant gives you edge during the FPS battles.

Havit MS1001 Gaming Mouse

The Havit MS10001 is an amazing mouse that comes with a perfect feature of anti-slipping surface to allow you to play your game softly. It lets you adjust the movements of your mouse. Its software provides additional gaming buttons. This has 7 programmable buttons and also features 16 million colourful combinations according to your needs. You have the option to change from 800 to 4800 DPI to improve your gaming experience. It has a bundle of features with less than 1000 rupees. And it can also be used by both the hands. 

Redragon M610

This mouse is best known for its different and high-quality features for gamers. It comes with a decent structure and is best for right-handed people. It has LED backlights of 4 different colours. It comes with 6 programmable buttons with 2 customizable thumb buttons. It also has a smooth gliding on the left side. This mouse is great for games such as CS:GO. 

So, we can say with the above given information that these are some mouse of excellent quality within budget and with amazing features.

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