Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000Rs for your gaming pc

Sometimes, people find it difficult to decide which gaming keyboard to purchase for enjoying a seamless gaming experience. And, it can be harder to make a good decision if you have less time in your hands. However, it is always good to check every feature of a keyboard before buying it. This is important because gadgets demand knowledge if you want to find the right one. To help you with this, here we are going to share important specifications of gaming keyboards along with their pros and cons. This knowledge will not only save your time and energy but will end your search with the right product.

Here are our top picks for the best gaming keyboard under 1000.

AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard

Amkette Evo Fox is a unique gaming keyboard with a budget price. Also, this is consistent with PC, laptop, android with OTG and mac. This also contains Braided Cable along with Magnetic Ring to speed up your keyboard response time.  It also has a spill resistant to preserve any kind of liquid destruction to your keyboard. The RGB lighting and light weight of the keyboard (492 g) is very attractive. The Breathing effects given to backlit makes it visible in dark as well. It also has a window lock key along with other 12 multimedia keys to improve your gaming experience.

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-05 Gaming Keyboard

This is another gaming keyboard to give you a perfect satisfactory experience. It contains rainbow backlit for better appearances. Also, this keyboard has an anti-ghosting key which helps in working of multi keys altogether. The scratch-resistant key will help you to clean the keyboard. In this keyboard, colour formation can also be changed by pressing various function keys.  And with the F-9 function key, light colour can also be changed along with the voice. This is quite an affordable keyboard within 1000.

Redgear Blaze 7 Colour Gaming Keyboard

The Redgear Blaze 7 Colour Gaming Keyboard comes with 3 colour backlit along with specially designed online and offline gaming competition. It has a blaze design which gives enough space to move your mouse. And this Blaze has a Windows Key lock which allows you to play without any disturbance. The floating key feature of this keyboard gives you an amazing feeling during numerous grip situations. The aluminium structure of this keyboard protects it from being broken. 

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k Gaming Keyboard

This amazing gaming keyboard’s weight is 1.70kg. And this also has various features. It is a gadget made with lightweight aluminium material for the purpose of quality. This keyboard also has a multicoloured LED effect which makes it unique and perfect to be purchased within the budget of 1000. The keys of this keyboard have enough space to be protected from pressing wrong keys during gaming keys. It also comes with a USB port to plug it into your PC. It comes with an amazing quality of rubber key buttons to keep a grip of your fingers. The assembling quality of this within budget gaming keyboard is also quite unique as compared to its competitors. 

Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming Keyboard

This is also a satisfactory keyboard with perfect features. And it comes with a mouse as well making it slightly more expensive than the other keyboards. It also contains multi-colour LEDs to improve your PC and gaming experience. It also has braided cable to allow it to be connected. The 12 million keystroke feature of the laptop enhances the time to respond. 

So, it can be concluded that the above-mentioned gaming keyboards are all within your budget and have great features to serve your gaming needs.

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