Premium Smartwatches Under 30000Rs

Smartwatches are primarily designed for fitness enthusiasts who want to track their health almost everywhere. However, these watches are becoming more popular than ever amongst everyone, thanks to the convenience and connectivity they offer to us. You can wear these smartwatches anywhere and they look super cool on your wrists. These watches not only tell you the time but do much more. They allow you to answer phone calls, send and read messages, display notifications. Most of them also have an app store where you can download apps of your choice.

If you are interested in buying smartwatches under Rs. 30,000, here are our top 5 picks to help you with your decision.

MI Watch Revolve

MI Watch Revolve is a superb choice for anyone who is willing to get into fitness seriously or for the ones who simply want to flaunt a smartwatch within a budget. This smartwatch shows consistent and accurate HR tracking using some industry-leading algorithms. It is accurate at tracking the steps and the distance that you have covered. The battery life is good too but you can’t take calls on this watch.

Fossil Sport

Fossil Sport is essentially a fitness-centric smartwatch. It offers a great smartwatch experience to you with a super bright display. Using this, you can see a lot of fitness-related metrics such as heart rate. Google has developed the software of the watch; however, it is compatible with iOS devices. The smartwatch is water resistant so you can feel free while wearing it even if it’s raining or you are underwater. So, it just works well and can be an ideal choice for your needs.

Apple Watch SE

For all the Apple lovers, the Apple Watch SE is an amazing smartwatch that comes under the budget of Rs 30,000 without making a whole in your pocket. The product is manufactured with an Apple S5 processor and water-resistant quality. It shows you step count and allows you to monitor heart rate to help you keep an accurate track of your fitness levels. The smartwatch weighs 360 g and is available in a cute funky colour that will grab the eyeballs on you.

Oppo Watch

Oppo is also not behind in manufacturing smartwatches to serve the growing demands of the people. It is a premium product with a durable build quality. The smartwatch is priced reasonably for the features that it offers such as tracking, heart rate monitoring, water resistance, and more. It has a 1.91-inch AMOLED display that comes with dual curves. However, the not so good part is that it has an average battery life and is not compatible with third-part wrist straps. 

Huawei Watch GT2

The Huawei Watch GT2 is another piece to end your search for buying an ideal smartwatch without breaking your bank. It has a 1.38-inch AMOLED display and boasts of a heart rate monitoring feature that not only shows your normal heart rate but single heart rate, resting heart rate, and continuous heart rate. It is water resistant and has a good battery life which is pretty good for an affordable smartwatch

With the above list, we hope it would be easy for you to decide on buying smartwatches with the best of features and quality.

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