To make your next gaming session more fun and exciting, you must consider the best controllers for PC. As most of the PC games come with controller compatibility, connecting them to PC is not at all a tough job. They never take much time to get connected to the best PC games. If you like fighting games, then the best controllers for PC are always helpful. With them, you just need your middle finger and thumb to get an amazing fulfilling response. So, to help you get the best gaming experience, we have some of the best picks of controllers for your PC. Let us check them out.


This controller is wired and also has Bluetooth connectivity. It has prominent features such as a textured grip, 3.5mm stereo headset and a replaceable battery. It is very comfortable and affordable as it is priced at Rs. 5,490. It also contains a variety of colours and patterns to match your rig. It is universal and is one of the best controllers of 2021.


This monitor is wired as well as wireless with the adapter. It comes with a perfect software functionality and can customize different numbers of the profiles. It comes with the trigger governor that can be toggled for sensitive trigger pulls. It has a lot of features to provide you the best of benefits. It also has a perfect level of customizability and fantastic software. Although it is expensive, but it will give you an amazing gaming experience. Its features include interchangeable components, haptic rumble, 3.5mm headset and an extensive customization.   


If you are looking for the best PC controller that is within your budget, then this is the one for you. It comes with the wired connectivity. It has a directional pad and a great button layout. It is lightweight and can be a perfect choice for an inexpensive alternative to keyboard and mouse. It is priced at Rs 1,999. It has very basic functions and is less expensive.  


This controller is very comfortable and is the best directional pad ever. It comes with motion technology that allows you to steer in racing games. Its exposed shoulder buttons make it easy to bump them on the desk. It is wireless and has a headset of up to 3.5mm. It comes with touchpad and motion controller capabilities. It also provides a comfortable and fantastic d-pad. Therefore, it ranks among the best options for controller based PC gaming with the price of Rs 5,000.


While keeping in mind the affordable price, this controller comes with a sturdy design. This has Bluetooth connectivity along with wired connection. Its best features include rumbleness, screenshots button along with the turbo button. It also comes with a retro design to suit the compatibility. The button layout is relatable for anyone who grew up with 2D platforms and JRPGs. With a price of Rs 3,979, it gives lots of brilliant features. It will benefit a lot of games with the authentically retro touch provided by SN30.

All the above controllers are perfect for your PC and provide immense benefits at affordable prices. They will give you a lot of amazing experiences in games. Explore these and choose the best for you. 

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