Best PS5 Games: The PlayStation 5 Games You Need to Play

Have you just got your PlayStation 5? Well, if yes, it is the right time to make the best out of it and play some of the best games that you can. We’re here to show you some of these most played games. These games look and perform best when you play them on your PlayStation 5. Although they are not all exclusives, you will have a good time running them. They are worth your time and will take you away in a world of fantasy from where you would not want to come back. 

Here is our list for the best PS5 games you must start playing right now if you love gaming and want to have some fun time. 

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is one of the best games available on PS 5. It shows a player dying at the hands of a soulless demon. The plot is horrible yet so interesting and exciting for gamers who love thrilling experiences. The action in the game is hardcore, and it shows the brutal curve for the players. There are new items to explore such as armours, weapons, new grains and much more coming through your way in the game. No matter whatever you like there’s always something new to discover.  


Returnal may not be a game for all, but it is one of the best games to play on a PlayStation 5. With its strong technological and graphical capabilities, it is ideal for people who like challenges. The look and feel of the game are outstanding. In this game, you can discover exclusive weapons, new upgrades, and check alien tech to enjoy more. You can go ahead through several biomes to unveil some truths behind the loops in this game.


Fortnite is a battle game that has arrived for PlayStation 5 users. It looks outstanding with up to 60 FPS in the game modes. The game is perfect for you as it has reduced its loading time to significant levels. With this you can get back to winning and playing as long as you want. It supports adaptive triggers so you will notice a difference when you pick up ranged weapons such as a pistol, rifle, or suppressed SMG. If you love action, this is the right game for you especially now when it has got a serious upgrade. 


Godfall brings the plot of looting and shooting back into the world of swords. The game is set in a fantasy place where you will see space knights and magic. Gamers need to prove their skills with a blade to unlock the super amazing armour suits and get their loot. It is all shiny in the game and we see blood often. It is a counterplay game available for PS 5 and is rated high by the users. 

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